Board of Directors

Our board members are dedicated to giving back to the community.
Headshot of Amelia Saputo
Amelia Saputo
CEO and Chief Happiness Officer
Quadriam Investments
Headshot of Camille Boileau
Camille Boileau
Communications Manager
Quadriam Investments
Headshot of Ashley Clarke
Ashley Clarke
Executive Assistant
Quadriam Investments
Headshot of Benedetta D'Elia
Benedetta D’Elia
Chief Financial Officer
Quadriam Investments
Headshot of Kirk Llano
Kirk LLano
General Manager
Hockey Etcetera
Headshot of Marlene Robillard
Marlene Robillard
Senior Director, Communications and Public Relations
Headshot of Lino A. Saputo
Lino A. Saputo
Chair of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Danial Zeppetelli
Danial Zeppetelli
President and Chief Operating Officer
Quadriam Investments